Catch the drift

Located in the heart of British Columbia’s central coast, Drifter’s Cove is a privately-owned wilderness retreat on Denny Island. The 70-acre property hugs the water’s edge of Lama Pass and moves deep into the rain forest where there are plenty of waterfalls and lakes.

The central attraction on the property is its retreat which offers passers-by the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature in a place untouched by urbanization. Here there are no roads, no power lines, and no high-rise buildings. All of the property’s structures are hand-crafted by the owner from local wood including that which has drifted ashore.

There are two private cabins suitable for 4 to 5 people. Each offers a wood burning stove, modern kitchen with a propane generated fridge and oven. The washroom includes a flush-toilet as well as a heated shower. One cabin overlooks a gentle cove and the other Lama Pass and Hunter Channel. Both offer the opportunity to view local wildlife as it passes by.

Common space on the property includes large dock, heli-pad, a whaling deck with a multi-purpose cabin overlooking Lama Pass, a sauna and an outdoor bathtub. And there is plenty of room on the property for those who wish to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars.

Available activities include kayaking, swimming, and for those who have their own gear, scuba diving. There are a few motorized boats available for if you would like to venture further from Drifter’s shore and view some of the local sites or drop a trap or line in the water and catch dinner.

Drifter’s Cove offers fresh air, breathtaking views and off-the-grid living for those who would like to “catch the drift” and reconnect with nature.