Help protect our waterway. Practice sustainable fishing.

Our waterway and the fish in it are vital to our way of life.  Please only catch what you need, respect habitats and ensure that those of us who depend on fishing for our main food source can continue to do so.

There are plenty of places to fish near the cove and plenty of species to catch, halibut, salmon, lingcod, and rock cod to name a few!

1. Practice Carbon-conscious Fishing

Watch your carbon emissions.

2. Use Lead-free Tackle

Lures containing lead are toxic to fish.

3. Practice Catch and Release, Unless you Hook an Invasive Species

Throw it back, unless it is doing more harm than good.

4. Pack Out Everything You Pack In

Don’t be a litter bug.

5. When You Keep Your Catch, Use Every Part of It

Catch and compost.