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The central coast offers a number of great diving opportunities, many of them near Drifter’s Cove. There are a number of shipwrecks in the area including those near Atli Point, Shearwater and Namu.

You can take a boat to BC’s largest marine park, Hakai Provincial Recreation Area, and spend the day exploring. The 123,000-hectare expanse of water and land is rich with life and an ideal spot for the underwater explorer.

Prepare to see Stellar sea lions, dolphins, porpoise, orcas, minke, humpbacks and grey whales. Monster chinook salmon, Pacific salmon, multiple species of rockfish, and herring are plentiful in the water way as a are a number of other species.

The seabed is pristine, colourful and overflowing with sea urchins, sea stars, species of anemones, sponges, giant barnacles and unique species of nudibranch. Moon jellyfish, lion’s mane jellyfish and fried egg jellyfish are common.

The water is clearest in the winter. Dry suits are recommended at this time of year.